We offer a business cash advance

Austin Business Finance provides businesses with capital, based on revenue, rather than assets. The business cash advance is tailored to businesses with a daily sales. 


With our cash advances, all costs are known up front, and repayments are flexible and manageable.

Quick, straightforward application process

It only takes 10 minutes, and pay out is in 3 days. 
Apply Online

Apply via our website and submit the required documentation online

Await Decision

Receive our decision within hours of submitting the application

Receive Funds

Once the application has been approved, the funds will be transferred within 3 days


  •  Online application form

  •  3 months' bank statements

  •  Latest company financials

  •  Lease agreement

Common Uses

  •  Expansion

  •  Stock Purchases

  •  Bridging Capital

  •  Revamp

  •  Imports

  •  General working Capital

  •  And so much more

Responsible Lending

At Austin Business Finance we believe in "right sized deals" and encourage our clients to be responsible when growing their ventures. Our financing can be used for many purposes within your business. Some examples of good uses of funding are listed below.
Open a New Location or Buy Stock

Opening a new store or stocking up on merchandise is a great way to expand your business

Finance Equipment or Expansion

Investing in the assets your business needs promotes growth

Revamp & Develop New Products

Expand your business with a new product line or revamp and market a part of your business that needs to be upgraded

Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow management is part of every growing business's needs

How does it all work?

Arranging Working Capital for your business may seem like a daunting task, but with Austin Business Finance it's quick and easy. 


Take Jake as an example, he owns a family run hardware store and was gearing up for a big launch on a new range of paint colors. Austin Business Finance advanced his business $21 500 which he used to bulk up on new stock. 


With a successful launch behind him it was easy to make his daily repayments of 

$165 per day over the next 6 months (6 days a week). And with a total repayment of only $24 700 it was a great financing decision that resulted in a large growth in his overall sales figures.


*Individual payment terms will vary depending on your business profile.